Hello world!

I am starting this blog because as a fairly new senior citizen I have things to say. I feel that not many talk about being a senior citizen because if you do that is admitting that you are getting old. But guess what? I don’t feel old. I am 66 years old and sometimes I feel every day of that and some days I feel 35 and some days I feel 105. Do you wonder what retired senior citizens do? I wake up in the morning thinking, “Thank you God, another day to live.” I make the bed, say good-morning to my husband, not necessarily in that order. I feed the dog, Karmel, the Chihuahua, who has a very definite idea about her diet. She is the only dog I have ever known who eats three times a day. The morning dish is chopped carrots, dry Eukanuba Chihuahua morsels and then some canned moist food, either Paul Newman’s dog food, Purina, or IAMS – her preference is chicken or turkey. Then I take my pills. Oh yes I forgot Karmel gets two pills also for her heart. She is a rescue dog and we found out several years after we had her that she has a hole in her heart. I am going to stop now, because it is midnight and I need to go to sleep so I can go to church tomorrow. I am excited about sharing more about what a senior citizen does. But, for now good-night.